Smile makeover for southern Maine

img30Only you know what you don’t like about your smile, and only a qualified cosmetic dentist knows how best to help you. A cosmetic dentist is different from a regular dentist – while both have been to dental school, only a cosmetic dentist has undergone specific training in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Beebe is continuously taking courses from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, one of the nation’s premier schools for cosmetic dentistry.

A “smile makeover” is any cosmetic dental procedure – or combination of procedures – used to improve your smile. It can be something as simple as at-home tooth whitening to something as complex as veneers, bridges and instant orthodontics. Each individual’s needs are different. A qualified cosmetic dentist will help determine what procedures are best for you!

Tooth whitening is a procedure many people undergo. It’s safe, easy, and economical. Under the supervision of a properly trained team you can look forward to results which are natural and beautiful. For some, tooth whitening is just the beginning; crooked teeth can be straightened, missing teeth can be replaced and teeth can be reshaped.  Virtually all smile imperfections can be corrected!

Additionally, thanks to procedures such as instant orthodontics, most tooth problems can be corrected much faster than you’d ever think. What used to take months can now take just a few short visits.

There are very few dental problems which can’t be corrected by modern dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is safer, easier, more effective, and more affordable than ever before! A beautiful new smile is the first step to creating a beautiful new you. Aside from the improved confidence and happiness which accompanies a new smile, there are also wonderful health benefits – a new healthy smile helps prevent tooth loss, infections and periodontal disease.

A qualified LVI-trained cosmetic dentist like Dr. Beebe can determine which smile makeover procedure – or combination of procedures – is necessary to give you a new, beautiful smile. Contact Dr. Beebe, a premier Southern Maine dentist today for a complimentary consultation. A wonderful smile can be yours soon!