Instant orthodontics is a procedure we offer that allows us to straighten your smile, by eliminating gaps and overlapping teeth, in a shorter period of time than something like braces. The way this is done is through the use of dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, or other restorations over a period of several visits.

What to Expect

The first appointment for instant orthodontics involves a consultation. We will discuss with you the procedure; this is the time to ask any questions or voice any concerns about the process. By the end of the appointment, you should feel confident about choosing instant orthodontics and have a developed understanding of what the whole procedure entails.

We start the procedure with the second appointment by filing down the teeth to prepare them for the addition of the dental restorations Roughly ½ of a millimeter of the tooth is removed under the use of an anesthetic. Next, we take an impression of the teeth, which is sent away to create the custom-fit pieces. In the meantime, we fix you up with temporary restorations to protect your teeth.

Once we receive the restorations, we can start the third appointment, which occurs a few weeks after the first. During this time, we will check the fit and the color of the pieces to both our and the patient’s satisfaction. Next, we will remove the temporary installations and go about permanently bonding the custom-fit restorations to your teeth. This is done by cementing the restorations in place and using a specialized light to harden the cement to your teeth. We will check the bite and fit of the dental restorations after they have been affixed to ensure the most comfortable application.

The final appointment involves you coming into our office a few weeks after the restorations have been placed. At this time, we’re simply looking to check your level of comfort with the veneers and crowns and ensuring that your bite has not been affected in any way.

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of instant orthodontics to quickly straighten your teeth and improve the look of your smile, feel free to contact our office today!