Our Portland area dental hygienists – Jane, Lorie, and Donna – have been a part of our team for over twenty years. They bring their own passion for learning and it truly shows when you are sitting in one of their chairs. These dental professionals have the desire to meet the individual goals of their patients and provide a level of clinical excellence in each of those cases.

An important part of a healthy body is to have a healthy mouth. The dental hygienists at Dr. Lawlor’s office have the knowledge to keep your teeth, gums, and ultimately, your entire body healthy. During dental appointments, the hygienists do so much more than just give you a sparkling clean smile. Continuing education gives our hygiene team the knowledge to pair a cleaning with periodic exams, periodontal evaluations, airway and sleep apnea monitoring, oral cancer screening, and TMD identification. Fluoride treatments, digital x-rays, and sealants are just some of the other services our hygienists can offer you here at Dr. Lawlor’s Gray, Maine dentist office.

Preventative and Diagnostic Dental Hygiene Services

Regular and Periodontal Prophylaxis

Dental hygiene appointments on a regular basis throughout the year and routine periodontal exams allow Dr. Lawlor’s team to monitor your oral health and to remove biofilm that builds up on teeth. The removal of this buildup helps to prevent tooth decay which leads to cavities, gum disease, and periodontal disease.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride applications work to strengthen the enamel on your teeth and although it is especially important for children, it is also a beneficial treatment for adults.

Digital Radiography

Annual radiographs (x-rays) are important to see the internal condition and health of the teeth. X-rays are taken by a hygienist and then Dr. Lawlor does a thorough exam of your teeth to make sure things are healthy. If they are not, treatment for fixing the problem is discussed in a simple and understandable fashion.


Dental sealants are another treatment available to help protect teeth from decay. A thin sealant is placed into deep grooves on the chewing surface of teeth to keep food particles from getting stuck and causing cavities. Our hygienists are able to perform this treatment during a cleaning and it is extremely beneficial for both young and old smiles.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is inflammation in the bone which leads to recession and other problems. When periodontal disease is present, our hygienists take their time to clean your gums completely so that healthy tissue can grow back.  They use an ultrasonic scaler to remove biofilm, and sometimes it is necessary to sterilize the infected area with a painless laser.  Research has shown that poor oral health affects total body health. The link between periodontal (gum) disease and heart disease, stroke, pre-mature labor, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease are well-documented. Dr. Lawlor’s team of hygienists take your gum health seriously and will educate you on how you can improve.


Jane, Lorie, and Donna are also well trained to recognize stages of tempromandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) by looking for signs of chipping, abnormal boney growths, misaligned teeth, excessive wear, and other identifying factors. Their knowledge of jaw treatment options will give you the information you need to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We truly believe that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile. If you are not happy with your teeth, there is most often an unhealthy component that needs to be corrected. Dr. Lawlor and our hygienists are happy to discuss cosmetic solutions to problems you may be facing. Treatment could be as simple as a take home whitening, reshaping of a single tooth, or new veneers to reposition misaligned teeth. Our hope is to give you a beautiful, healthy smile that you can be proud to show off.

If you would like more information about dental cleanings or any of our other dentistry services, please contact Maine Cosmetic Dentistry in Gray, ME  for a  consultation or call (207) 657-3553.