Missing teeth are more than just cosmetically unappealing. Missing teeth also significantly increase the risk of disease and decay in your other teeth and gums. Additionally, missing teeth can affect your speech. If you have any questions or concerns about your missing teeth contact a southern Maine dentist,  Dr. Robert Beebe.


A common way to fix missing teeth is a dental bridge.  It’s attached to your existing teeth in a special way.  Dental bridges are not dentures and as such, dental bridges are not removable.


There are several different types of dental bridges – they differ based on your individual situation. It’s important to choose a dentist who can choose the materials suited to your unique needs.


A healthier, more pleasing smile is available, and sooner than you may think! Dr. Robert Beebe has been specially trained at the leading Las Vegas Institute and knows how to listen to your goals. Together you and Dr. Robert Beebe can discuss your options. Call us today for an initial consultation.