img13dental crown is a device which covers a tooth. Its function is to either strengthen a decayed tooth, repair a broken tooth, or improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth.

If you have broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged teeth, please Contact Dr. Robert Beebe to schedule an appointment. Dr. Beebe will be able to determine if crowns are right for you.

There are four types of dental crowns:

  • Cerec crowns (one-visit crowns)
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Gold dental crowns
  • Porcelain fused-to-metal crowns

Cerec crowns are made with an in office machine and require only one appointment. In the past, the entire crown process could be expected to take at least two visits, but with the revolutionary Cerec software Dr.Beebe is able to design, mill, and place a permanent crown in one visit. Perfect for your busy schedule so you can be back to a healthy, natural-looking smile at the end of a single appointment!

Porcelain crowns look like real teeth.

Gold crowns are very strong but, because they’re gold, they are used only in areas of the mouth where they won’t be visible.

Porcelain fused-to-metal crowns are a porcelain crown with a metal substructure.